Training reminder….

We have training this Saturday at Sirius Sports Academy in Hull from 1-3pm, during this training we will be practising hard for the games on the following day and so it is important as many players attend as possible.

It should be a very exciting weekend for the Electric Eels, good luck to all of the players and don’t forget to have fun :-)

2nd Round of the WFA cup….

Wow!!! what a day, the Electric Eels played against Nottingham Forest in the 2nd round of the WFA cup, the team arrived excited and upbeat, we knew it was going to be a hard match but optimism was high within the team and the supporters.

The first half was played extremely well by both teams and I think the level of play from the Eels came as a surprise to Nottingham Forest. Our defence was extremely tight with Amy and Kai supporting each other, despite many attempts at a goal by Nottingham Forest they proved determined to keep this from happening. We then had huge excitement when Kizzy Blue Wade made an attempt on Nottingham Forests goal, she sent the ball flying towards the goal and as the supporters held their breaths it bounced off the goal post and went out of play, no matter it was a goal attempt to be proud of and especially as she is quite poorly at the moment yet still came and played the full game with her team. The ball stayed in play and the trio of Luke, Kai and Kizzy made sure it was going nowhere, Kai then made an extremely powerful shot at the goal and it was in no doubt that this shot was going over the goal line. The crowd went absolutely wild, the score was 1-0 to the Eels at half time.

During the second half the play didn’t quite go to the Eels advantage, and Nottingham Forest equalised the score to 1-1, with neither team being able to break through and manage another goal, full time was called at 1-1 and extra time began. But a mention needs to go out to Amy Sherman (our superstar goalkeeper), she not only guarded our goal with a ferocity that needs to be seen to be believed but she also made a fabulous run out and tackled a number of the opposition whilst Kai took over the goal, her skill level is continuously rising.

We have never been to extra time and so this was a new experience for the team, in the first half it looked like we was going to take the score to 2-1 as Luke Brennan took a kick in from the side line and it sailed straight and powerfully towards the goal, but Nottingham Forests defence closed in and stopped it at the last minute, such a shame as it was an incredible shot. It was in the second half of extra time that the score changed and unfortunately it wasn’t in the Eels favour, Nottingham Forest scored, which brought the score to 2-1 and relieved cheers from their players and supporters.

Both teams played incredibly well and it was a game to be proud of.

It’s fair to say the team have learnt a lot and come so far within the past year, they play well together and continue to learn from each and every match. The extra training is certainly paying off and playing regularly together in the National League has cemented them together as a team.

We would also like to thank everyone who came to support us, we was overwhelmed by the amount of people that came, the team was extremely proud to see their patron Neil Hudgell supporting them throughout the game, we hope he enjoyed the afternoon as much as we did. Another surprise for the team was that we had Batman there to support and cheer us on, not many teams can say they have super heroes supporting them :-)
It makes such a difference to the team and the atmosphere in the hall when we get a good crowd behind us.

We’ve now got next weekend to look forward to which is the first round of the North East League, and this year we have two teams entered, so double the fun and excitement :-)

Please see below photographs of the Eels team with Batman :-)

Exciting news….

For any of our supporters that have not yet seen the Hull and East Riding Disability Sports Awards 2015 Nominations that were recently announced please see below, we are very excited to see that we have players and club members in most categories and also the club as a whole!

2015 looks like it’s going to be a very exciting and fun time for the Eels :-)

Happy New Year!!!!

We would like to send this out to all of our players and our supporters, we hope 2015 is a fabulous year for you all and that everyone is happy and healthy, let’s make this next year even better than last year for the Electric Eels (if that’s possible) :-)